08 Jul 5 DIY garden tips to try this weekend

When the sun comes out, it’s the perfect chance to roll up those sleeves and get on board with a spot of good old DIYing. Even the blandest of gardens can be transformed into the talk of the town, and soon, everyone will be flocking for a BBQ to admire your creative spirit in action. These ever so simple DIY hacks are perfect for beginners, or maybe you’re looking to get the family together for some outside arts and crafts. Either way, what better time to give your garden a spot of TLC? 

1. Spice up your plant pots 

Whip out your paint brush and get crafty with your plant pots, rather than opting for the regular, dull kind. It’s a brilliant way to bring some much needed colour to your garden, and everyone loves a bit of uniqueness. 

Going down the route of garden decoration is also a fantastic opportunity to upcycle any loose bits and bobs you may have lying around the house to transform them into planters – you can really use your imagination with this one! Think teapots, wellies, tyres, or maybe you’ve got a burnt saucepan you never use anymore. The options really are limitless. Whilst serving a functional purpose, it’s certainly a way to make your garden stand out from the rest. 

2. Recycled gardening tools

Some garden tools can get pretty pricey, so rather than reaching into your pocket, take a look into your recycling bin and see what can be repurposed. Plastic bottles can double up as a watering can or mini sprinkler when holes are punched into the lid, or you could cut them in half to create your very own soil scoop. But that’s not all they can do. If you don’t have a greenhouse, simply snip off the bottom and use the top half to place over plants that require a bit more warmth. You don’t need to stop there either! Go the whole hog and use an old crate to make a tool box to store all of your new crafty creations. 

3. Turn your kitchen scraps into plants

Filling your garden with beautiful plants can require trips back and forth to the garden centre, which can start to burn a hole in your wallet. In this instance your food waste bin could become a treasure chest as some discarded veggies can actually be really easy to regrow. A few examples include spring onions, cabbage, celery and leeks. All that you need to do is cut off the bottom and sit it in a bowl of water to ensure that the base is kept nice and moist. Make sure you change this everyday to avoid any slime forming, and ensure that they get plenty of indirect light. It can take as little as a day for the reshooting process to begin, so you won’t need to wait around for long. 

4. … Or transform your scraps into compost! 

Making your own compost isn’t as difficult as it may seem, and it’s another great way to utilise your unwanted kitchen leftovers. But how do you do it? 

Step 1: Grab a container with a lid, using either a regular bin or a repurposed plastic box. 

Step 2: Drill a few holes into the bottom of your container to let some air in. 

Step 3: Fill the container with some soil, topped with shredded newspaper. 

Step 4: Place your kitchen scraps in the container (e.g. eggshells, banana peels, tea bags or garlic) 

Step 5: Add a dash of soil every so often and give it a good stir once a week. 

And there you have it! A zero-waste compost alternative that will cost you nothing. 

5. Compromised on space? 

If your garden is feeling a little cramped, create the illusion of extra space by using a vegetable trug to grow your plants, or add some pizzazz to your garden fence and clip a soil-filled shoe organiser onto it for an elevated planter. Unused rain gutters can also be used for the same effect! Now you’ll have plenty of room to roam around your garden as much as you please. 

Armed with these simple yet effective DIY gardening tips, you can really start to make your house feel like a home. When it comes to creating your ideal aesthetic, it shouldn’t just stop at your garden. Luckily, we are experts in gate installation; whether you’d prefer wooden, steel or aluminium, have a chat with us about your preferences and we’ll get your home looking as inviting as possible. Perfect for when you want to show off your hard work in the garden!