26 May 5 tips for perfect gate maintenance

5 tips for perfect gate maintenance

Whether you have gate gate automation, gate access control or traditional driveway gates, you need to make sure they are properly maintained – whatever the material and structure. To help improve longevity, appearance and functionality, here are five tips for perfect gate maintenance you can bookmark today. 

1. The clean routine

Don’t forget about your outdoor assets when it comes to your cleaning routine! This is one of the simplest forms of maintenance when it comes to your gates. It all depends on where you live and your environment, but a clean down every few months is recommended with mild soap, water and cloths or sponges. This is to help clear the build up of dirt and debris as well as help prevent rotting (if made of timber) or rusting (for metal). For wooden driveway gates, there is specialised guidance on how to treat timber that we’ll also cover here. 

2. Lubricating

For timber gates, lubrication with oils, such as baby oil, mineral oil, or lemon oil helps to replace essential oils lost through weathering. By applying oils to wood, you deeply nourish the material, sealing and protecting the timber from the inside out. With metal components on other gates, like steel driveway gates, it’s also important to lubricate. Speak to the provider on what to use, but application is often recommended every six months. By lubricating any chains, locks, hinges, screws and other key components, you will save any potential costly repairs down the line.

3. Primer

With metal gates, applications of primers with rust inhibitors will keep them from rusting. For the best protection, apply two coats of primer, waiting for the first coat to dry before applying the second coat. Primers come with spray mechanisms to make them easier to apply, just make sure you cover the gates from top to bottom.

4. Painting

If you have wooden gates, after treating them – cleaning, sanding, and lubricating – the last step for top quality maintenance is a fresh lick of paint. Not only does this update the style and appearance, but a coat of paint can protect against weathering, and if the gate is made of metal, it can help with rust too. Just make sure you choose the right paint for the gate material you have, and depending on the material, you may need to give two coats; make sure the first coat of paint has dried fully before applying the next one on. A new layer of paint can help turn a tired-looking gate into an elegant statement piece for your property in no time. 

5. Eradicate pests

Something often overlooked when it comes to gate maintenance that really shouldn’t be is the control of pests. Insects, rodents, and wildlife can do damage if not properly looked out for. If there’s any cables or electrical components, make sure to check for slugs and snails reaching them with slime trails that can cause the build up of moisture, in turn causing damage to circuits. Ant nests and spiders can also cause similar problems; ant nests can corrode circuits, and the webs of spiders can build up moisture. Also, keep an eye out for rats and mice for chewing through or urinating on wires and electrics. Although uncommon, watch out for birds perching to keep an eye on any bird droppings that may run down, you’ll need to clean this as soon as possible to avoid the corrosive substances drying up and tarnishing the materials.

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