09 Aug 7 ideas for a refreshed garden for summer

The weather’s starting to get warmer and the days are getting longer… That means summer is on the horizon. It’s time to store away your coats and jackets, whip out a pair of sunglasses and stock your freezer to the brim with ice lollies. If you want to be the host with the most, now is the time to give your yard a new lease of life and prepare for garden-party season. 

1. A fresh coat of paint

Is your garden looking more drab than fab? Arm yourself with a brush and paint pots and prepare to get messy. Summer is one of the most colourful times of the year, so opt for bright pastels rather than dark, moody tones. You don’t need to stop at repainting the garden fence either. Have a look at the other resources you have around you, such as plant pots or garden furniture, and get creative with eye-catching colours and playful patterns. Picasso who?! 

2. Wildlife friendly 

Not enough time on your hands for a family pet? Focus your efforts on welcoming wildlife into your backyard to keep your garden-party guests company. For your feathered friends, think bird features, bird baths and nesting houses, or perhaps you’d get more of a buzz from creating your very own wildflower meadow – perfect for the bees! 

If you’re wanting to get on board with a bit of DIY, build your very own upcycled bug hotel with wooden pallets, old plastic bottles, bricks, leaves, bark and tiles – it’s a great way to utilise any garden waste. Your favourite critters better have brought a suitcase, because they’ll never want to leave! 

3. Decoration 

As a warm summer’s day transitions into night, create some ambiance by replacing bunting with fairy lights, lanterns and candles. Their gentle glow is sure to put your guests at ease, and you’ll be able to continue on the night without risk of tripping up over one another. For some added interest, position coloured lights next to potted plants to create the illusion of a new, fluorescent breed. You can really get creative with your garden decoration, and it’s a great way to give your space that extra personal touch. 

4. Relax in style

With summer parties to prepare for, you’ll want to be sure that there’s plenty of seating for your guests to choose from. Bring that holiday feeling to your garden by making a hammock or swing chair an option; to avoid being made the designated bar staff for the night, be sure to have a drinks tray of piña coladas close by. 

5. Accommodating your guests

Keep your guests refreshed with a cooling drinks dispenser, perfect for impressing with your homemade raspberry lemonade recipe. This way, you’ll be stocked up for the whole night and won’t have to worry about dashing into the kitchen every 10 minutes. You can’t forget about the traditional garden-party buffet either! Put your DIY hat back on and craft your very own food and drinks stand from an upcycled, decorated garden bench. 

6. Keeping cool

With the glorious summer sun comes the not-so glorious heat sweats, so to avoid both you and your guests melting faster than your ice cream, be sure to provide plenty of shade. Set up a cooling parasol or gazebo (perfect for taking cover from inevitable British showers), or make use of the nature around you and use vines and trees. 

7. Plant display

Looking for a little more decoration? Take the natural route and create your own plant displays – perfect for showing off to your guests. Plants that thrive in summer include cosmos, petunia, geranium and lobelia, and their eye-catching colours are great for boosting your garden’s aesthetic. You can get creative with your table decoration too; scatter dried plants and petals across the table, or put your floristry skills into practice and arrange them in vases. 

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