26 Feb 8 styles of driveway gates to take inspiration from

Driveway gates are an asset to any property, but choosing the right style to complement your home can be tricky. Whether you can’t decide between a manual or automatic driveway gate, or aren’t sure on your desired finish, we have some ideas that you can take inspiration from. Keep reading to discover 8 ideas for driveway gates that could be perfect for your home.

1) Modern numbered gate

aluminium swing driveway gate

If visitors or delivery drivers often struggle to find your home, this design is a clearer way of displaying your house number to passersby. It provides practicality whilst still looking stylish and fresh, which is great for those who want a contemporary home and garden. This style of driveway gate works best in a newer neighbourhood with modern builds, as the shiny finish and frosted glass go well with more recent, minimalist designs. 

2) Stylish pattern

Do you want your driveway gate to be as unique as your home? If so, a beautiful patterned steel driveway gate can help your home to stand out from the crowd from the very first impression. It’s a great way to express your creativity, and you can collaborate with a driveway gate manufacturer to create your ideal look. Plus, this gate will act as a stand-out feature on your land, which helps it stand out from your neighbours and could also add value to your property.

3) Ornate designs

A classic, timeless style is a steel driveway gate with ornate embellishments. If you want a long term investment that is easy to maintain and won’t go out of style any time soon, then this could be the perfect style for you. These gates are elegant and bespoke, making them ideal to accompany traditional or classic architecture. 

4) Painted wood

Looking to add a pop of colour to your property’s exterior? A wooden driveway gate has many benefits, one of which is how easily you can customise its colour. Choose from any colour of the rainbow to add some extra personality to your home and brighten up the street. Coloured gates is a feature seen in some inspirational gardens, and is a quick and easy way to make your garden look even more beautiful.

5) Curved slats

If you fancy a more unusual style of driveway gate, then this wavy wooden driveway gate can provide some inspiration. A driveway gate doesn’t just have to be straight-edged, as this fabulously unique gate demonstrates. A fun design such as this is an understated way to add some creative flair to your driveway gate without being too flashy. You could even opt for a zig-zag pattern for an edgier aesthetic. 

6) Composite privacy gate

Most people invest in driveway gates for the added privacy, and that’s exactly what this style of gate can provide. There are many benefits of composite driveway gates like this one, including extra privacy that gates with bars or gaps can’t provide. A composite driveway gate also requires less maintenance than a wooden gate, despite providing a wood-like finish. If privacy is your priority, take a look at our blog post which details how driveway gates can improve privacy.

7) Pair with a pedestrian gate

Having a pedestrian gate alongside your driveway gate can have a few different benefits. Firstly, you won’t have to open your main driveway gate everytime you leave or enter your property. This strengthens security, leaving less opportunity for thieves to sneak in through your driveway gate while it’s open. Plus, having a separate pedestrian gate can make things more efficient for those on foot, since it’s much faster to exit through a small gate than wait for a large driveway gate to open and close.

8) Automatic driveway gate

steel automatic driveway gate

Whichever style of driveway gate you love the most, these can be made more efficient through automation. An automatic driveway gate is an asset to any modern property, providing extra security and ease of access. By adding gate access control, you can operate your gate from within your house and oversee who enters your property. If you are looking for a way to upgrade your existing driveway gate, why not consider having it automated by a reliable service?
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