How to keep your vehicles safe

Although there has been a decline in motor vehicle thefts, the risk is very much still present, with over 894,000 instances being recorded in England and Wales in 2020 and 2021. With this in mind, it’s important that all individuals make a conscious effort to properly protect their vehicles, taking the relevant precautions to prevent […]

Five ways to decorate your driveway gates for Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, bringing an excellent excuse to deck the halls and compete with your neighbours for the best Christmas display. Don’t just stop at decorating your tree and take the festivities outside, creating a truly magical driveway that’ll give your friends and family something to look forward to. With […]

Do driveway gates add value to your property?

When it comes to enhancing not just your home’s aesthetic, but also your property’s value, there are certain steps you can take to ensure that you’re getting looks for all the right reasons. Known to increase your home’s value by 5%, driveway gates offer not only safety and security, but they can also be customised […]

How to treat wood rot

Wood is a traditional and aesthetically pleasing material that’s popular amongst many homeowners. However, regular maintenance is required to ensure that anything from your wooden driveway gate to your garden shed remains in tip-top condition. When subjected to typical UK weather conditions, the unwelcomed appearance of wood rot is not uncommon. But fear not! With […]

4 garden maintenance tips

As we transition through the seasons, your garden has an awful lot to put up with when dealing with new environments and temperatures. To keep your pride and joy looking as impressive as it can be takes regular TLC, and if you’re looking to compete with your neighbours, you’ve got to prepare early. With this […]

How to hide valuables at home

Around 2.5 million burglaries occur every year, and with this comes concerns as to whether we’re all storing our valuables in the best places. Unfortunately, crime will never be completely eradicated, but taking the vital steps to improving your home security is one way to avoid the worst case scenario. Stick with us as we […]

Picture Perfect: The UK’s Most Instagrammed Castles

The UK is home to some of the world’s most beautiful – and not to mention photogenic – castles in the world. Being a big fan of these majestic monuments here at The Expert Gate Company, we dug deep and took to Instagram to uncover which of the country’s castles are the most captured and […]

The most creative Halloween decoration ideas

As the spooky season approaches, brace yourself for a battle on which house gets crowned the top trick-or-treat spot. To beat the competition, plan early and get your garden looking fa-boo-lous with these simple DIY hacks that’ll transform your place into your very own Monster House.  Give the neighbours pumpkin to talk about Nothing screams […]

The benefits of gate access control

What is meant by ‘access control’? You’ve probably come across the term before, but what does ‘access control’ actually mean? And why is this safety feature becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners? Whilst adding to your ideal home aesthetic, installing a driveway gate serves the primary purpose of making you and your family feel […]

How to make your driveway more aesthetic

Many people overlook their driveway’s aesthetic, but you can actually get imaginative with the design without compromising on practicality. For many, their home is their pride and joy (and the perfect chance to show off to guests), so why not give them a taste of what’s to come with a driveway that’s a little more […]