Picture Perfect: The UK’s Most Instagrammed Castles

The UK is home to some of the world’s most beautiful – and not to mention photogenic – castles in the world. Being a big fan of these majestic monuments here at The Expert Gate Company, we dug deep and took to Instagram to uncover which of the country’s castles are the most captured and […]

The most creative Halloween decoration ideas

As the spooky season approaches, brace yourself for a battle on which house gets crowned the top trick-or-treat spot. To beat the competition, plan early and get your garden looking fa-boo-lous with these simple DIY hacks that’ll transform your place into your very own Monster House.  Give the neighbours pumpkin to talk about Nothing screams […]

The benefits of gate access control

What is meant by ‘access control’? You’ve probably come across the term before, but what does ‘access control’ actually mean? And why is this safety feature becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners? Whilst adding to your ideal home aesthetic, installing a driveway gate serves the primary purpose of making you and your family feel […]

How to make your driveway more aesthetic

Many people overlook their driveway’s aesthetic, but you can actually get imaginative with the design without compromising on practicality. For many, their home is their pride and joy (and the perfect chance to show off to guests), so why not give them a taste of what’s to come with a driveway that’s a little more […]

7 ideas for a refreshed garden for summer

The weather’s starting to get warmer and the days are getting longer… That means summer is on the horizon. It’s time to store away your coats and jackets, whip out a pair of sunglasses and stock your freezer to the brim with ice lollies. If you want to be the host with the most, now […]

Improving your garden security

Your safety is vital, and when it comes to optimising your home’s security, many people forget that their garden can actually be a main deterrent for break ins and theft. Read on below to find out how you can improve your garden security, so that both you and your family have one less thing to […]

5 DIY garden tips to try this weekend

When the sun comes out, it’s the perfect chance to roll up those sleeves and get on board with a spot of good old DIYing. Even the blandest of gardens can be transformed into the talk of the town, and soon, everyone will be flocking for a BBQ to admire your creative spirit in action. These […]

How to increase land security

For those of you who are fortunate enough to have more land to indulge in, you’ll also need to manage more security for it. With more land and space, comes more risk and opportunity for trespassing. Whether you have acres, a tennis court or two, or simply a sizeable garden attached to your property, we […]

Six garden decoration ideas

We’re all spending more time in the garden as summer rolls around, but is yours starting to look a bit featureless? A bit on the bland side? Then it’s probably time for a garden makeover. And it doesn’t have to be a massive DIY project either. You may just want to spruce things up with […]

5 tips for perfect gate maintenance

5 tips for perfect gate maintenance Whether you have gate gate automation, gate access control or traditional driveway gates, you need to make sure they are properly maintained – whatever the material and structure. To help improve longevity, appearance and functionality, here are five tips for perfect gate maintenance you can bookmark today.  1. The […]