How to build a garden room on a budget

Building a garden room is a great way to improve your garden and add more space to your home without paying for a costly extension. And with so many people now working from home, a garden room could be the perfect space for you to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet while you work. […]

Can driveway gates open outwards?

Your home is your castle, which is why it’s so important to  feel safe and in control in your space. Driveway gates will give you the privacy and security you need by deterring intruders and nosy neighbours, whilst also adding charm, beauty and character to the exterior of your home.  There are so many different […]

How to clean oil from your driveway

Many people spend lots of time perfecting their garden, from regular garden maintenance to installing a driveway gate for that elegant final touch. But as gorgeous as your garden may be, it is essential to keep your driveway clean and tidy so that your plants, furniture and other features can really shine.  Driveways and driveway […]

Double driveway gates: Pros and cons

What are double gates for a driveway? Double gates for a driveway are two gates that meet in the middle of a driveway to create a secure entrance to a property. Driveway gates typically slide or swing open, but they can operate in various ways. If you are interested in learning more, we cover all […]

How to keep unwanted animals out of your garden

Keep finding your plants and vegetables trodden and half-eaten? Stray animals can cause a huge nuisance in your garden, which is why many people take steps to keep them out. If you’d like to protect your plants and keep your garden looking polished, discover how to keep animals out of your garden with our tips […]

How to get rid of moss on your driveway

Although moss growing on your driveway may seem pretty harmless, it can actually become very slippery in wet conditions. This means you could easily slip, and cars entering through your driveway gate could suffer from less grip. Plus, it’s important to keep your driveway clean and tidy, which is why so many people seek moss […]

How to make a small garden look bigger

Wondering how to make a small garden look bigger? There are many ways to enhance and maximise the existing space in your garden without the need to expand. Read on to find out which colour you should paint your garden fence for a bigger look and feel, plus tonnes of nifty planting tips and tricks […]

What to do if someone parks in your driveway

There’s nothing more annoying than not being able to access your own driveway due to another vehicle. Whether this vehicle is blocking your driveway, or is actually parked in your driveway, it’s guaranteed to make your day just that little bit more stressful. This begs the question – can someone park in my driveway, and […]

8 styles of driveway gates to take inspiration from

Driveway gates are an asset to any property, but choosing the right style to complement your home can be tricky. Whether you can’t decide between a manual or automatic driveway gate, or aren’t sure on your desired finish, we have some ideas that you can take inspiration from. Keep reading to discover 8 ideas for […]