19 ways to make your home more sustainable

Sustainable living isn’t just a social media trend or the hip thing to do. In times of climate crisis and rising carbon emissions, we should all be making eco-friendly and sustainable changes to our daily lives for both personal and environmental well-being.  Making your home more sustainable isn’t any different. Keep reading as we share […]

6 benefits of composite driveway gates

Choosing the right driveway gate is no easy task. But, it’s important that you install the driveway gate that’s the best fit for your property. Composite driveway gates are made up of different materials which mean they have features that you wouldn’t get from a normal driveway gate. These gates can provide the look of […]

Inspirational gardens from around the world

You might have the perfect house, but maybe you feel that your garden is lacking. How can you come up with ideas that aren’t identical to your next door neighbour? Get inspired by some of the world’s most iconic and unique gardens to improve your garden and wow your street. Gardens of Versailles, Versailles, France […]

How to increase land security

For those of you who are fortunate enough to have more land to indulge in, you’ll also need to manage more security for it. With more land and space, comes more risk and opportunity for trespassing. Whether you have acres, a tennis court or two, or simply a sizeable garden attached to your property, we […]

Six garden decoration ideas

We’re all spending more time in the garden as summer rolls around, but is yours starting to look a bit featureless? A bit on the bland side? Then it’s probably time for a garden makeover. And it doesn’t have to be a massive DIY project either. You may just want to spruce things up with […]

5 tips for perfect gate maintenance

5 tips for perfect gate maintenance Whether you have gate gate automation, gate access control or traditional driveway gates, you need to make sure they are properly maintained – whatever the material and structure. To help improve longevity, appearance and functionality, here are five tips for perfect gate maintenance you can bookmark today.  1. The […]

13 fun outdoor garden party ideas

13 fun outdoor garden party ideas Perfect for spring and summer, a garden party can be a great way to bring friends and family together outside for special occasions, games, BBQs, picnics, summer water sports or chilled gatherings. Let’s go through some fun outdoor garden party ideas to inspire your next get-together. 1. Kids’ birthdays […]

Be the envy of the street with a perfect spring garden

Be the envy of the street with a perfect spring garden Spring is here. Warmer and longer days are with us. And that means more time in the garden to relax, set up the BBQ or sit and read while listening to the birds. However, is your garden looking a bit worse for wear? Or, […]

Why is gate automation a smart idea?

Why is gate automation a smart idea? We’re all after shortcuts and time-saving operations, and that’s just the aim with gate automation. Sure, having a fancy new driveway gate may please yours and your neighbours’ eyes, but is it totally professional, secure and easy to operate? Let’s look into why gate automation is a smart […]