13 May The complete home security checklist

Why should you improve your home security?

Home security might not always be at the forefront of your mind. You’ve locked your doors, and your windows, what more could you do? Well, there’s actually a lot more that you can do. Get creative with improving your home security and you won’t regret it. 

Home security basics

Ensuring a safe and happy home is important to every homeowner, and with 63% of burglaries happening to those without even a basic security system, the need for better security is higher than ever. So, here are some security basics to get you started:

Your complete home security checklist

Following our home security checklist will make sure that your home is as safe as it can be:

Keep valuables out of sight

Valuables being visible from the street can attract unwanted attention, that’s why it’s advised to keep expensive items out of sight and away from windows to avoid tempting any prying eyes. Even if it is just your nosey neighbour. We suggest investing in a safe for those really precious, irreplaceable items. With a code that only you and your family know, you can leave your home knowing that everything will be there when you come back.

Check your locks

Every home comes equipped with the standard level of security: locks on doors and windows. Sadly, this alone isn’t enough to prevent a break in. Reinforcing your locks, or adding extra ones, will ensure every entrance is secure from intruders. Chains can  also be added for extra security, or to protect yourself when opening the door to strangers. 

Don’t forget to reinforce window locks as well. With 23% of burglars using first floor windows to break in, this is not an area of home security you can afford to forget about. So, get those window locks secured. Likewise, using locks on any outbuildings such as garages or sheds is vital too. That’s where weatherproof locks come in, as no one wants to find out they’ve got a rusty, broken padlock.

Put together an emergency escape plan

In the event of an emergency, whether that’s a fire or someone breaking into your home – do your family know what to do? Even if you live alone this is an important step in protecting yourself from harm. Mapping out an escape plan, or having a room lockable from the inside is the perfect way to make sure you are safe in any scenario. 

Add security cameras

Add a bit of big brother to your life and keep an eye on who’s lurking around outside your home. If you are able to implement cameras to watch over your house you definitely won’t regret it. Footage that can be watched live from the ease of your phone wherever you are means you can keep tabs on your house wherever you are. Cameras are also an instant burglar deterrent.

Doorbell cameras are also a great addition to any home, they’re not vital but they definitely make seeing who’s at your front door a whole lot easier.

Install a burglar alarm

Burglar alarms are a fan favourite when it comes to home security. Like security cameras, they are the perfect deterrent and can warn you if anyone is trying to enter your home. They can also call for help in serious situations. 

Light up your home

Motion sensor lights or lights that run on a timer are ideal for home security. Darkness is the perfect opportunity for uninvited guests to linger outside your property, so, lighting up all areas of your exterior prevents any dark corners for thieves to hide in. It can also make your home seem occupied if you go away – think Home Alone, but less extravagant. 

Put up a fence or a gate

Having high garden fences or a driveway gate will add extra security to your perimeter. Sleep soundly knowing that no one unauthorised can make it onto your property, as with an access controlled gate the security of your home is in your hands.  

Need some help with home security? We can help! Our array of gates can keep your home safe from any intruders. Why not contact us today and see what we have to offer?