07 Dec Five ways to decorate your driveway gates for Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, bringing an excellent excuse to deck the halls and compete with your neighbours for the best Christmas display. Don’t just stop at decorating your tree and take the festivities outside, creating a truly magical driveway that’ll give your friends and family something to look forward to. With these tips and tricks, your home will be looking like Santa’s grotto in no time. 

Christmas bunting 

What’s Christmas without some festive bunting? Bringing colour to your driveway is a must, especially during such a joyful time of year, plus it’s a good reason to get your crafting hat on and get involved with a spot of DIY. One thing to bear in mind when making your driveway bunting is whether it’ll be able to withstand the UK’s unpredictable weather conditions, particularly if we’re expected to have a white Christmas. Snow and rain could end up destroying your decorations, and you’ll want to make sure that your creations will be able to be reused again and again for years to come. With this in mind, waterproof bunting is essential. 

We were inspired by Helpful Mum’s method, using oilcloth fabric due to its weather resistance. Once you’ve acquired the material (and made sure it has a Christmassy design), grab some cardboard and start to cut out triangle shapes – this will act as your stencil. Next, place your cut-outs onto your fabric and draw around them with a pencil, cutting as many out as you desire, depending on the length of your driveway. After folding binding tape over the top of each triangle and pinning down in place, secure everything together using a sewing machine. 

Now, select the best place to hang your Christmas bunting, whether this be along your garden fence or your driveway gate and admire your handiwork.

Decorating your outdoor trees

Make use of your natural environment and give the trees in your garden just as much love as those inside. By using twinkling decorations to wrap around their leaves, they’ll light up your driveway in traditional Christmas fashion. Similar to creating your own bunting, it’s important to make sure that any decorations you choose to hang on your trees are weather-resistant. Take a look around your garden, and check for any pinecones or holly that you could use as an alternative to baubles. Not only will this cost you nothing, you won’t need to worry about storing them all away in a box for next year. 

Festive wreaths 

Making a holiday wreath isn’t as complicated as you may think. Alongside being an incredibly therapeutic process, your designs will be completely customisable to your own desired driveway aesthetic. Once you’ve acquired a wreath frame, you can get to work on choosing decorative objects that’ll work well when weaved together. A few trusty pine cones and pine branches could come in useful for this, intertwining green and golden coloured foliage for an injection of festive colour. Hang this on your driveway gate, on your front door, or even your garden shed to create a winter scene straight from a Christmas card.

Rustic lanterns

For those that prefer a more traditional and rustic aesthetic, you’ll love this next Christmas driveway decoration idea. Instead of using candles inside lanterns, why not use baubles instead? They’ll be protected against the snow and rain, and will create the ideal finishing touch to your winter wonderland. Use fairy lights for an extra sprinkling of magic, and watch as their gentle glow illuminates your garden perfectly. 

Giant Christmas ornaments 

Create a Christmas display inspired by Hansel and Gretel with DIY giant lollipops, a fun take on getting your driveway winter-ready. Although only a few simple materials are required to craft these pieces, their final look will have you feeling like one of Santa’s elves. Decorate paper plates with acrylic paint, using any colours you desire, wrapping them in cellophane to make it look as though no one has yet taken a lick. Assemble on top of a long bamboo pole, and position around your garden. Now if that hasn’t satisfied your sugar cravings, we don’t know what will. 

Creating your perfect home aesthetic starts with your driveway gate, and we’re here to help you achieve your dream look. Get in contact with a friendly member of our team today to discuss your preferences, and explore our range of designs that will see you through any season.