Access control

Total control in your hands.

In addition to privacy and making the exterior of your home looking fantastic, one of the biggest benefits of having a driveway gate installed is the increased security. You don’t just want to have a new gate installed only for complete strangers to wander up your driveway. And that’s where access control comes in.

When we design your gate, we will chat through the different access control options that we have available. All of our systems will come with remote control fobs as standard. All you have to do is press a button and the gate opens, which is perfect for giving easy access to residents.

Let’s take a look at our other access control systems:


Keypad – This is especially handy if you are leaving your home on foot rather than in a car. You have a unique passcode that you set yourself; simply type it in and leave. You can also give it out to gardeners, cleaners, friends and family, and even delivery drivers when you order something online

GSM intercoms – This allows you to speak to visitors before you grant them access to your property. It’s ideal if you want a bit of communication between yourself and anyone visiting

Video intercoms – These are incredibly popular, and just like GSM intercoms, you can communicate clearly and directly with your visitor, but this time you can see them!

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