12 Jan How driveway gates are helping in a post-COVID-19 world

As we continue to adapt to a world with COVID-19, it’s hard to predict what lies ahead, but it’s almost certain that we’ll be continuing to live this way a bit longer. 2020’s pandemic has made us all re-evaluate things a lot, like how often we clean, our hygiene habits, how we can reduce contact with others, and how to practise safer distancing. So, we need to continue being cautious, mindful and safe. This has us at The Expert Gate Company thinking about how driveway gates can actually play their part in helping protect us from the invisible in a post-COVID-19 world.

First, what kinds of driveway gates are there?

There are so many different materials and mechanisms that driveway gates can come in and operate with, like:

Whatever the material, design or mechanism, a driveway gate boosts a property’s overall security significantly. And now, we can add another string to their bow – helping with social distancing and reducing contact. 

How can driveway gates help with social distancing?

No matter where you are, chances are at some point you have been advised to reduce contact wherever possible and to uphold social distancing. This means we’re all having to be stricter when it comes to allowing, or rather disallowing, visitors to our homes. Not only that, businesses all over are changing and introducing policies, ones that factor in safer hygiene, social distancing and reduced contact; and this extends to deliveries. So, how can driveway gates help in all of this, particularly with reducing contact and social distancing?

Helping delivery drivers keep their distance

You’ve probably been inundated with emails from businesses updating you on their new COVID-19 policies. Often they’re reassuring you of the changes they’ve made, as well as new delivery policies making sure drivers are wearing gloves and leaving parcels on the floor before stepping back – which most never do from our experience!

All being said, even if these delivery policies are consistently followed, you can never be sure how hygienic and safe delivery drivers are keeping. Nor can you be completely sure that the parcel you pick up is germ free.

That’s where gate access control comes into play. Not only are drivers stopped in their tracks far away from your door, you can offer a safe and secure delivery method with keypad technology. You can use a unique passcode that you can share with delivery drivers or shopping accounts on the delivery notes, so that they can simply leave parcels on the other side of the gate and be on their way. 

You don’t need to rush to grab a parcel that’s been in contact with someone so recently either, as it’s safely secured thanks to a driveway gate with clever access control technology. And of course, if you’re not in, you’ll never need to worry about having to chase parcels up or collecting them yourself, as they’ll be right there waiting safely for you.

More control on who to let in or keep away

You may be expecting someone – maybe it’s someone who is doing a job at your house, or a friend or relative. Whatever the situation, driveway gates can come with video intercoms so you can see exactly who’s on your doorstep. This way you have quick and efficient control by simply not letting anyone you’re not expecting through or even able to knock on your door (with their potentially infected hands), like a door-to-door salesperson for instance. 

Interested in adding more protection to your home?

Maybe we’ve given you something to think about. 2020 has shown us how unpredictable things can really be, and how everyday gadgets, systems and technology can really step up and be even more helpful – in ways we’d never have even thought about. If you’re looking to improve your home and driveway security, contact us to find out more about what kinds there are, and what’s best for you.