14 Feb How driveway gates can improve privacy

If you value peace and quiet in your home and garden, then a driveway gate is the perfect solution for adding some extra privacy. Driveway gates can create privacy in a few different ways, making them a worthy investment for those who don’t like to be disturbed. In this article, we’ll share five different ways that a driveway gate can improve your property’s privacy. 

Stop trespassers in their tracks

Whether it’s overly friendly neighbours or unwanted doorstep sellers, a driveway gate is impenetrable to the most determined of visitors. Providing access to only you or your guests of choice, a driveway gate can help to keep people off your property unless you want them there. The same premise extends to troublemakers who may be looking to vandalise or break-in to your home. With a driveway gate, trespassers can’t just easily wander onto your property, meaning you’re less likely to be disturbed. 

Prevent peeping toms

The height of your driveway gate is completely customisable to your preferences, but to prevent prying eyes from staring into your property, a tall gate is the way to go. Not only is a taller gate more difficult for people and animals to climb, it provides extra privacy by stopping outsiders from being able to see in. This means you can go about your day in peace without feeling conscious that your next door neighbours can see you. Whether you simply want to garden in peace, or fancy an outdoor sunbathe in the summer, the privacy afforded by a driveway gate means you won’t feel the presence of those who live around you – perfect for relaxation.

Hide your valuables from sight

Privacy is an important factor when keeping valuables safe, as once a thief has laid their eyes on something they like, they’ll be tempted to break in and take it. Not only does a driveway gate prevent trespassers from getting close enough to your house to peer through windows, but it can help to conceal the possessions that you store outdoors. If you want to keep cars, bikes, and other vehicles safe, then keeping them safely behind a driveway gate means they’re not on display to the whole of your street. 

Additionally, if you keep expensive possessions outdoors, such as flashy cars, hot tubs, or children’s play equipment, this could mark you as a target for burglars. Keep your possessions safely tucked behind your fences and driveway gate to appear much more conspicuous and less likely to fall victim to a burglary.

Keep out stray animals

When relaxing in your garden, you might not be all too pleased by the sudden, unwanted arrival of next door’s cat. Unless you’re a big cat lover, this can become an irritating occurrence that can spoil the idyllic environment you’ve worked so hard to create in your garden. Adventuring pets and other wild animals can cause a nuisance in your garden, disturbing your privacy and also causing damage. Fortunately, installing a driveway gate can keep out unwanted animals, meaning you have complete privacy on your property – even from animals. For more information about how to keep foxes out of your garden, take a look at our blog post.

Create a cohesive property boundary

If you already have privacy fences installed around your property, then a matching driveway gate provides an easy access point for you without being an eyesore. Tying in your driveway gate to match the aesthetic of your existing fence or property border can give you privacy whilst still looking good. No matter the existing finish of your fences, or whether you are looking for a whole new revamp, there are many styles available. Wooden driveway gates are ideal for an exterior that embraces the natural materials in their garden, or a composite driveway gate provides a modern, sleek aesthetic.
The Expert Gate Company has years of experience providing durable, attractive driveway gates to properties of all shapes and sizes. Whatever your reason for installing a driveway gate, we can cater to any requirements. To learn more, get in touch.