15 Oct How to hide valuables at home

Around 2.5 million burglaries occur every year, and with this comes concerns as to whether we’re all storing our valuables in the best places. Unfortunately, crime will never be completely eradicated, but taking the vital steps to improving your home security is one way to avoid the worst case scenario. Stick with us as we uncover some sneaky hiding places that you may never have heard of, whilst also acknowledging some of the absolute worst places to hide valuables. 

How to hide small valuables

Bearing in mind that small valuables are the most targeted by criminals with them being much easier to nab, it’s worth getting creative with your chosen hiding spots. The worst place to hide your prized necklaces, rings and bracelets would be in your jewellery box. Although it seems like the natural storage solution, you have to be a little less predictable as these boxes are tiny treasure chests to burglars. For small, valuable items, hide them in a place that you wouldn’t normally find them in. We’re not saying that you need to use your toilet, but you could create a pretend, hollowed out book, a falsely labelled container, or you could even bury them beneath the soil of an artificial plant. 

Floor and wall safe

Prepare yourself for a potential robbery with secure floor and wall safes, just be sure to store them in a clever hiding spot that a burglar wouldn’t think to check. You’ll need to ensure that the safe blends in with the surrounding environment; this could be behind a picture frame if you’re looking to hide your valuables in the wall, or place floor safes underneath a carpet to keep it out of plain view. Be careful with your chosen pin code too, and don’t choose a combination that can be easily guessed. 

Choose your hiding place wisely 

We’ve already discussed some of the worst hiding places for your valuables, but you should also think carefully about the room you decide to keep them in. For example, is it in an area where it’s likely to be misplaced, like a child’s bedroom? Or is your chosen spot at the front of the house where a valuable could be in plain view? The best place to hide items, as discussed before, is in unpredictable places. For example, hiding money in a cleaner container in the bathroom is a good one. 

Avoid damaging your valuables

Although you may think that a toilet tank is a brilliant place to hide your valuables – what criminal would want to sift through one of these, right? – you could end up having to pay for a hefty replacement. Similarly, if you are looking to store an item in a container, just make sure to empty and clean it out beforehand! 

For valuables that can’t be protected…

It’s impossible to hide every single item you own, so get an advanced and smart security system in place to protect those in plain view. You could set up various CCTV cameras both in and around your house, or install an alarm system that alerts the surrounding area to a potential crime. Don’t forget about protecting the entrance with driveway gates, kitted out with a gate access control system. This will act as a deterrent for criminals, and you’ll have more control (given the name) over who enters and exits your home. 

Our team of experts are here to keep you and your family safe. If you’re looking for advice on protecting the entrance to your home, we have a variety of driveway gate designs to choose from. Get in contact today!