14 Aug How to hide wheelie bins in your garden

If you’re tired of the unsightly view of wheelie bins cluttering up your garden, you’re not alone. Many homeowners grapple with the challenge of integrating these essential waste containers into their outdoor spaces whilst still keeping an attractive garden. Plus, keeping your wheelie bins secured is one of the most effective ways to keep unwanted animals out of your garden

We’ve gathered a range of clever and budget-friendly ideas to help you effectively hide your wheelie bins while also adding charm to your garden. So, if you’ve been wondering how to hide wheelie bins in your garden, this blog is for you!

1. Natural camouflage

One of the most popular and aesthetically pleasing methods to conceal wheelie bins is by using natural camouflage. Tall plants, hedges, or bamboo screens strategically placed around the bins can provide both privacy and an attractive backdrop. This technique not only masks the bins but also adds greenery to your surroundings.

2. Screening panels

If you’re handy with tools, crafting your own bin screens can be an excellent way to achieve a tailored look. Using wooden pallets or trellis panels, you can construct a DIY screen that not only hides your wheelie bins but also adds a touch of rustic charm to your garden. Paint or stain the screen to match your garden’s theme and watch as your bins fade into the background.

3. Decorative fencing

Decorative fencing offers a delightful way to hide wheelie bins in your garden. Choose a fence style that complements your garden’s theme – whether it’s a charming cottage garden, a contemporary oasis, or a traditional haven. The bins can be positioned behind the fencing, maintaining a tidy appearance without compromising on the overall charm of your outdoor space.

For a fully cohesive garden, ensure that your fencing matches your driveway gate. If you have wooden driveway gates installed, be sure to stain your wooden fences to a matching or complementary colour scheme. The same applies for steel and aluminium driveway gates – use decorative fencing of the same materials and colour for a garden that looks intentional and coordinated. 

4. Trellis with climbing plants

Trellises combined with climbing plants can transform the area around your wheelie bins into a vertical garden. By training vines to grow on trellises, you not only mask the bins but also create a visually appealing feature. Choose plants like ivy, jasmine, or roses that not only hide the bins but are also delightful on the eyes and the nose.

5. DIY bin store

Crafting a wooden bin store can be a fantastic DIY project that transforms your wheelie bins into an inconspicuous element of your garden. By using simple materials like timber and hinges, you can construct a box-like structure that complements the aesthetic of your property. The result is a neat and organised storage solution that keeps your wheelie bins out of the way yet still easily accessible when you need them. 

FAQs about how to hide a wheelie bin on your property

How can I hide my wheelie bins cheaply?

The key to cheaply hiding your wheelie bins is to make use of the materials you have on hand and get stuck in with some DIY. Using the solutions we suggested above, from plant trellises to DIY bin stores, you can hide your bins and allow your garden to be the centre of attention. 

How can I hide the bins at the front of my house?

To hide bins at the front of your house, you can consider options like landscaping with shrubs or flowers, using bin screens or enclosures, setting up trellises with climbing plants, installing decorative panels, or even upgrading your front porch or entryway with a driveway gate. Smart placement of furniture or decorative elements can also help divert attention from the bins.

Where do you put bins in a small garden?

In a small garden, place bins in discreet areas like side passages, behind garden structures, or under decking. Use purpose-built bin screens, vertical planters, or storage benches to hide them.

Is it illegal to leave your bins on the pavement?

Yes, in the UK, it is generally considered illegal to leave your bins on the pavement. Local councils usually have regulations that require bins to be placed out for collection on the day of collection and then brought back onto your property afterwards. Leaving bins on the pavement can obstruct pedestrian pathways, create safety hazards, and negatively impact the appearance of the area.

Although not a criminal matter, leaving bins out on the pavement is a civil issue. Thus, you could end up with fines from your council for failing to abide by their rules. Check wheelie bin guidelines with your local council to avoid running into any problems.

Can I put a bin store in my front garden?

Yes, you can generally put a bin store in your front garden, but there might be certain regulations and guidelines you need to follow depending on your local area’s planning rules and any other regulations you might be subject to.

It’s important to check with your local council or relevant authorities to ensure that you are in compliance with any rules related to the construction of structures in your front garden. These rules may include considerations for the size, design, and location of the bin store.

How do I stop people from stealing my wheelie bin?

The best way to stop people from stealing your wheelie bin is to keep them behind a secure driveway gate. This will prevent easy access to your garden and therefore your wheelie bin, also improving your garden security on the whole. Another tip is to maintain good lighting near your wheelie bin – take a look at these lighting tips for your driveway

Additionally, hiding your wheelie bin with the tips outlined in this article will help to keep bins out of sight of opportunistic thieves. 

Whether you’re looking to increase land security or want simple ways to improve your garden, The Expert Gate Company are always on hand to help. Contact us today for friendly guidance on garden improvements, security and – of course – driveway gates!