10 May How to improve driveway gate security

We’re always looking for ways to improve our home security, and driveway gate security is such an important part of that. How private is your driveway? Who can see in, and who could be eyeing up your possessions? Gate security puts a stop to vehicle theft, adds more privacy, gives you peace of mind, and adds stylish value to your property with a simple installation. Whether you have residential gates already or are looking to get some, here’s how to improve your residential gate security.

We’re always looking for ways to improve our home security, and driveway gate security is such an important part of that. Gate security protects the whole house – it puts a stop to vehicle theft, adds more privacy, creates peace of mind, and adds stylish value to your property with a simple installation. Whether you have already installed residential security gates or are looking to buy your first driveway gate, here’s how you can improve your residential driveway gate security.

How to find the right driveway gate for your home

There are many types of driveway gates, and picking the right driveway gate for your needs is vital for security. 

Depending on your budget, style and outdoor aesthetic, you can choose a secure driveway gate made from a range of materials: including; wood, steel, aluminium or composite. However, metal driveway gates are often considered to be the most secure. 

With steel driveway gates, their timeless designs can often allow for more transparency – so you can see out onto the street and others can look in. However, if you need a gate to create more privacy, there are also opaque steel options available too. If you’re looking for a different kind of metal, why not look into aluminium gates? These are often designed with a more bold and modern look in mind, and can provide a complete blanket of privacy.

If you’re after a more traditional, rustic look, why not try a wooden gate? There are multiple benefits to a wooden driveway gate, including durability and security. Wanting to go for an even more environmentally-friendly option? If so, a composite driveway gate might be the gate for you.

How to improve driveway gate security

Keeping your vehicles safe and protecting the security of your home and processions are possible with a secure driveway gate. But how can you maximise your gate security? We have a few tips and tricks to ensure that your driveway gate is as secure as can be.

1. Add home CCTV

Another way to further improve your gate security is with CCTV. You can position outdoor security cameras around your property and driveway gate to monitor who visits, and who might be lurking around outside.

2. Connect your driveway gate to your house alarms

Take installing CCTV cameras one step further and connect your house alarm to your driveway security gate. This will ensure you’re alerted should anyone attempt to enter through your home’s first line of defence. 

3. Weigh up automatic gates vs manual gates

Automatic driveway gates are typically much safer than manual gates. This is because they are built with anti-tailgating mechanisms, preventing people following you on to your property. It also prevents you from forgetting to shut and lock your gate. 

4. Consider gate access control

Alongside your CCTV cameras and connected alarms, we recommend integrating gate access control systems with your driveway security gates. These use either keypads, or GSM or video intercoms. Access control benefits include GSM intercoms which allow you to speak to visitors before granting access, and video intercoms allow you to see who’s at the gate, too.

5. Consider driveway gate signage

Whilst it may seem quite stylish to decorate your driveway gate with your house or family name, we recommend keeping it to the minimum with just your house number – the less strangers know about you, the better. Instead, find some signage that lets those strangers know about the high-quality security systems and CCTV you have in place. 

6. Add spotlights

Using spotlights to light up your house number or gate signs is one way to improve your driveway gate security, but motion sensor lights are also great for shining a spotlight on unwanted visitors to scare and deter them. There are lots of different lighting options on offer on how to light up your driveway, making it easy to pick one that matches your home’s aesthetic and security needs.


Want to deter criminals from scaling your driveway gate, or other outdoor fixtures? Invest in ant-climbing measures. These include anti-climbing paint, which makes the fixture too greasy to climb (though not noticeable), and anti-climbing spikes on the top. Be sure to thoroughly signpost if you have anti-climbing measures in place, for your own legal liability. 

8. Consider planting tall bushes

If you have a low wall on one or either side of your gates, consider some tall and wide bushes, hedges or plant features to create more household and garden privacy – as well as giving your garden more green style. Not only can they add more privacy, strong hedges and bushes will also make it harder for intruders to try and get into your garden from side points. Your driveway gate may prevent vehicle theft, but you still need to deter anyone from trying to get onto your property or from breaking into your home through any open points.

9. Install strong and tall garden fencing

Adding a strong, tall garden fence to support your chosen driveway gate can prevent a trespasser getting onto your property. Not only this, it can help to spruce up the exterior of your home. You’ll secure your possession, whilst making your neighbours envious. Paired with anti-climbing measures and electronic home security alarms, cameras and sensors, no unwanted visitors will be getting in. 

10. Install a parcel box

Using a lockable parcel box is a great way to reduce the risk of your parcels being left in unsafe places, or being stolen by opportunists passing by. If you invest in a safe place for your parcels, it prevents you from having to grant access through your driveway gate to unknown people regularly (not just your trusted postman), improving overall home safety and security. 

11. Conceal your vehicles

Although a driveway gate can protect your vehicles from prying eyes, it’s always useful to have a secondary form of security, too. Whether this is parking your vehicle out of view from anyone peering over your gate, or locking it inside a secure garage, these will help to secure your premises.

Why cleaning your driveway gate improves security

When it comes to spring cleaning, we often forget about our driveways, outdoor areas and gates. One easy way to improve your residential gate security is by keeping it freshly cleaned. Keeping on top of gate maintenance will ensure you keep on top of any trapped dirt and debris, which will keep it functioning properly and for longer, as well as helping to prevent deterioration and rusting. 

The method of cleaning all depends on the material, but mild soap and water with sponges and cloths will do the trick, especially for timber. Then a lick of paint will help give it some style and more protection against the elements.

For further gate maintenance and servicing, including checking on automatic mechanisms, bolts and hinges, all driveway security gates from The Expert Gate Company come with a dedicated team on hand – so that your home never feels less secure. 

How to improve wooden driveway gate security

If you decide that wooden gates are the best for both your home’s aesthetics and security, you need to make sure that you are on top of the maintenance and know how to treat timber and wood rot to keep them well-preserved. This simply means some regular TLC. When winter and harsh weather comes round, just make sure you clean wood with normal soap and water – no harsh chemicals – and regularly wipe away dirt and debris. 

If you need any help on deciding what residential gate security to go for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at The Expert Gate Company. For more advice on driveway gates and home security, check out our blog