25 Jun How to increase land security

For those of you who are fortunate enough to have more land to indulge in, you’ll also need to manage more security for it. With more land and space, comes more risk and opportunity for trespassing. Whether you have acres, a tennis court or two, or simply a sizeable garden attached to your property, we look at the ways in which you can increase your land security overall. 

Check your hedges and fences

You know what an opportunistic burglar loves? A collapsed or easy-to-climb fence. Be sure to check for rotten and damaged fences as not only do they make trespassing easier, but they will give off the impression that your whole home could be lacking in other places, too. Whether you have rows of hedges or fences, keep checking them for any signs of trespassing and damage. Are they easy to scale? There are ways to make it more difficult without turning your land into something that looks industrial. You can add trellis panels to the top of walls and fences to add height and difficulty whilst allowing for more privacy with aesthetic climbers – you only want plants climbing, not burglars!

Garages and sheds

Always keep your outbuildings secure. Get into the habit of always locking up when you leave them, even if it’s to run back into the house for a while. You don’t want to forget to lock them overnight, and you never know who is lurking ready to jump in for a quick steal, especially if they’ve watched you bring out valuables. It’s also well worth adding some blinds or curtains to windows, especially if you have lots of valuables inside that could attract thieves. You may want to consider fitting alarms to your buildings’ doors too, so you’ll always be alerted of any break-ins, even if they’re far out of the way or view.  

CCTV and signage

What goes well with alarm systems are security cameras. And you’ll want to make sure any potential trespassers know they’re on film. You can deter them away in the first place just by having some signs in place to stop them even bothering to attempt any trespassing. CCTV is ideal for those with a lot of land too, as when you have outbuildings or an expensive garden and land features, or even valuable ponds and animals, you can have more peace of mind knowing you can watch over them from the comfort of your home. 

Gates and access control

Paired with intelligent gate access control, driveway gates provide a formidable level of security for your premises. And they can come in a range of sizes and materials to suit your land – from composite gates and wooden gates to steel gates and aluminium gates. The wooden gates work really well with farm lands, but also offer a beautifully handcrafted gate design for a standard property. You can get low gates to simply provide protection and security for your vehicles, or opt for ones that are tall and completely opaque for full privacy and to make climbing difficult. 

Outdoor lighting

Burglars hate the spotlight, so make sure you invest in some good outdoor lighting. Motion sensor lights are a great idea to fend them off. You can also light up paths, driveways and gates with built-in bulbs. The more lit up your property looks, the less likely it is that burglars will target it. And if you have garages and sheds, these can be lit up too, especially if you want trespassers to see your warning signs and CCTV peering down on them. 

Lock everything up

When it comes to security, the mantra is lock up. You may be in the habit of turning the key in the door every night, but it’s not just when the sun goes down that we need to lock up for. Burglars may love the dark, but they work whenever there’s an opportunity and also are savvy to convenient times, e.g. most people are out of the house during the day. So, even if you’re in, you should minimise the risk of encountering a burglar by locking up. When you have windows open, keep them locked at a certain gap if you can.

We also sometimes forget about windows, our outbuildings and vehicles. Don’t be complacent and try to lock up your bikes in the garage or round the back, even if it’s less convenient. Remember vehicle locks, whether it’s for your wheels or to chain up your bike. If you have key locks for your windows, use them! Burglars can still pry open windows if they’ve not been shut properly. And don’t leave valuables in vehicles, remember to take them inside with you, and lock up. 

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