23 Mar How to keep your bike safe (both at home and out)

Crime data has revealed that around 64,500 bike thefts occurred in 2021, reminding us just how important it is to constantly bear security in mind, both at home and in public. Being a valuable item that is often equipped with a variety of fancy accessories, it’s no wonder they regularly come under target. Whether you’ve previously been a victim of bicycle theft, or you’re wanting to clue up on how to protect your valuables, we’ve got you covered with this article on how to keep your bike safe. 

Keeping your bike safe in public

Hide removal bike parts

For bike rides outside your home, remember to take any removable bike parts with you before locking it up in a secure place. This could be a basket, bike lights, water bottle holder, or a wheel; essentially anything that could add extra value to your bike.

For bike parts that can’t be easily removed or carried on you, you could use nuts or locking skewers.

Secure bike parking

To ensure that your bike is kept safe, you should always lock it up in a secure place. This would be somewhere that’s well lit, has CCTV cameras installed that could capture any suspicious behaviour or deter nosey potential thieves, and ideally somewhere where there are already plenty of bikes locked up. This is because it will give a bike thief less room to manoeuvre the stolen bike, and they’re less likely to be shielded from view due to the regular comings and goings of cyclists.

The best way to lock up your bike

Lock your bike up wisely, as a lack of preparation could lead to a big waste of money; this is regardless of how long you’re planning on leaving your bike for, even if just for a short period of time. 

To start, you’ll need to locate a solid, secure object to tie it to, to guarantee that a bike thief won’t be able to break it. With this in mind, always avoid trees, a wooden post or chain linked fences. 

Your safest bet is to use two different locks to secure your bike, making sure that you’re locking both the bike frame and wheels to the bike stand, again taking any removable parts with you. Before heading off, ensure that your locks aren’t touching the ground; this will prevent a thief from using a hammer or otherwise to break the bike lock. 

Register your bike

For additional protection against theft, we advise that you register your bike online. With some services, you’ll receive a security marking kit and warning label to deter any criminal activity. In doing this, it’ll be much easier to prove to the police that you own the bike when it’s (hopefully) returned to you. It’s also wise to get your bike insured, so that in the unfortunate event that it does get stolen, the cost will be recovered. 

Keeping your bike safe at home

Secure your garage

Did you know that over half of all bicycle thefts occur at the owner’s property? With this in mind, it’s essential that you take home and garden security seriously, taking the necessary safety measures to protect your valuables. 

A garage is a great place to store your bike and keep it out of view, and when equipped with CCTV cameras and a secure locking system, a bike thief will be stopped in their tracks. Even if you’re only stepping away or inside for a minute, don’t be tempted to leave your shed unlocked or your bike unattended.

Keep your bike out of view

Always keep your bike out of view, choosing secure places to store it whilst it’s not in use. You don’t want to lure a thief into your home after the discovery that you’re housing valuable items, so either lock your bike up inside the house – securely attached to an immovable object – or use a garden shed. 

Secure the entrance to your home

A home with a secure entrance is less likely to be broken into, and investing in a driveway gate is the best way to protect your valuables. You can equip your gate with access control too, so that you’re in complete control of who enters and exits your property. From the standard keypad to video intercom, you can customise your gate to your liking, from the mechanics to the design, ensuring that it effortlessly matches your home’s aesthetic. 

What should I do if my bike’s been stolen?

If you’ve become a victim of bike theft, you’ll need to act with urgency. Immediately alert the police that your bike has been stolen by either reporting online, calling up the police or dropping into your local police station. You’ll need to provide as much information as you can, such as where, when and how the theft occurred, informing them of your bike’s recognisable features, as well as showing them any photos you might have. This will all go towards helping to recover your bike. 

For more advice on how to secure your property and protect your valuables, contact our team of friendly professionals today. With their help, you’ll be able to decide on a driveway gate design that perfectly complements your home, whilst providing you with constant peace of mind.