21 Mar How to make a small garden look bigger

Wondering how to make a small garden look bigger? There are many ways to enhance and maximise the existing space in your garden without the need to expand. Read on to find out which colour you should paint your garden fence for a bigger look and feel, plus tonnes of nifty planting tips and tricks too. You’ll join some of the most inspirational gardens from around the world on a fraction of the budget before you know it.

Tips to make a small garden look bigger

1. Stick with a few key features

Unfortunately, a small garden means you can’t have it all. Define a few key features that you absolutely want in your garden, and stick to them. This can be anything from practical items like a driveway gate, to smaller details such as a birdbath or seating area. A cluttered garden will look much smaller, so take care not to overcrowd it with unnecessary embellishments and decorations. There are other ways that you can enhance your garden without overwhelming it with plants and furniture; attract birds to your garden for beautiful feathered visitors that will fill your garden with songs and movement.

2. Be precise with colours

Colour has a huge impact on how big or small a space looks, and a garden is no different. Although most gardens may not always have walls to paint, you can be deliberate with colours through plants, fences, and other garden furniture. If you have fences around your garden, then light, cool paint colours like white, grey or green can make the garden look bigger. Light colours reflect natural light around your garden, making it seem bigger than it actually is. The same applies to plants and flowers, although this can be slightly harder to control if there are wild plants growing in your garden. However, if you’re able to get hold of your favourite garden plants, their colours can liven up an empty space. 

3. Create zones

Create different zones in your garden to give the illusion of more space. This is most effectively done with flooring materials, such as paving or bark. You could designate a small seating area with a paved floor, a space for beautiful plants to grow amongst bark, and a neat lawn off to the side. This will essentially create mini gardens within your space, maximising the size and functionality of your garden. Another way to create zones is through trellises or tall plants, which obscure parts of your garden and give the illusion that there’s much more space than there actually is. This also adds some excitement and dimension to your garden. 

4. Use vertical space

Don’t neglect your walls and fences; try adorning them with lights, outdoor decor, or climber plants that cling to vertical surfaces. Growing plants vertically ensures you can have beautiful flowers and greenery without taking up precious floor space. Not only does this grant you more floor space, but decorating the boundaries of your garden also opens up the space more than a plain fence, which will make your small garden look bigger. Some easy plants to make the most of your vertical garden space are sweet peas, rambling roses, and golden clematis. 

5. Place mirrors

When making a small garden look bigger, reflection is your best friend. This doesn’t mean transforming your garden into a hall of mirrors; just one or two strategically placed mirrors can make all the difference. Place mirrors or reflective materials by the garden boundaries to best create the illusion of more space. Try to angle mirrors so that your house isn’t being reflected, as you want the beautiful greenery of your garden to be multiplied by the mirror. Position a large mirror across from your favourite part of the garden to duplicate it, making your garden feel much bigger. It also helps to disguise the borders of the mirror to enhance the illusion of more space. 

6. Play with textures

Play around with the textures in your garden to add variety and excitement. When you have little space to create stunning outdoor displays, simply combining different textures can vastly elevate your garden without taking up extra space. Try to incorporate some smooth, glossy textures into your garden design too, as these materials help to reflect light and brighten up the space. A mix of different textures will undoubtedly make your small garden look bigger and more beautiful than before. 

7. Choose large plants

large plant for small garden

Small, dainty plants can fade into the background and make your garden look slightly sad. Although it sounds counterproductive, incorporating bolder plants into your garden can actually make it look much bigger. Planting lots of small plants may fill your garden with colour, but it’s easy to look busy and overcrowded. Instead, large plants with thick leaves draw the eyes towards them, creating a standout focal point to complement your garden space. Having a few bigger plants in your garden is much better for a minimalist look, which is key for making any garden look bigger. 

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