01 Jul Lighting tips for your driveway

Looking for more ways to enhance your home aesthetic, alongside optimising security? Getting creative with driveway lighting is the ideal solution for both – and we’re here to help you get those creative juices flowing. For many, your driveway will be the first area of your property to greet visitors, so illuminating it in a way that complements your interior is a surefire way to boost the overall appearance. Not only this, driveway lighting acts as a burglar deterrent by preventing any crimes from going unseen. Whether you’re a fan of modern bollard lighting, or you’re wanting to create a soft, gentle glow with cascading lanterns, there are plenty of options available to suit any preference.

Bollard lighting

An elegant way to illuminate your driveway, bollard lighting is the perfect solution for lovers of modern design. Being a form of outdoor lighting that’s inside a ground-level vertical post, not only will they subtly elevate your garden’s landscape, they also create a barrier for vehicles – thus enhancing your driveway’s safety. 


Lanterns or fairy lights can bring ambiance to any area, creating a soft, gentle glow that’ll capture your garden beautifully. Whether delicately wrapped around trees or fences to brighten up your driveway, or used to section off a magical outdoor seating area, this versatile lighting can transform any area into a Fairy Glen in an instant. 

Garage lighting 

Lighting up your garage is crucial for optimising your property’s security, alongside ensuring that the entirety of your driveway is bright enough. From an aesthetics standpoint, there are plenty of garage lighting options available – which can be broken down into three different categories. 

The first is ambient lighting, which is used to gently illuminate walls and floors to make parking your vehicle much easier. The second type is task lighting, which is more powerful and ideally positioned in work and storage areas – essentially anywhere you want to improve your vision. Finally, accent lighting, being slightly brighter than ambient lighting, can be used to highlight specific areas that you might want to show off. Ideally, your garage will include a combination of all three. 

You could also outline the outside of your garage with directional wall lights, which will produce a downwards light stream to ensure complete visibility when driving your vehicle in or out of your garage. 

Ground lighting 

Another form of ambient lighting, positioning ground lighting next to your garden’s ornamental features – such as water fountains, trees and flower beds – will immediately accentuate the areas of your property you love the most. 

Alongside transforming your driveway’s aesthetic, ground lights can also be used to safely guide both yourself and visitors when driving or walking down the path. They’re a great alternative for homeowners who are limited on space, as they take up less room than typical fixtures – such as bollard lighting. 

Wall lights

Looking to maximise your driveway’s space even more? If this is the case, wall lights are another great option, which can be used for lighting up an entrance. Whether you choose to opt for a simplistic yet modern circular light, or you’re a lover of all things vintage – in which case, torch-style lighting is a brilliant choice – there is outdoor lighting out there to suit every preference. 

Gate post lamps 

Illuminate your driveway gate with gate post lamps – a popular light fixture that’ll make your home instantly appear more welcoming. With both traditional pedestal lanterns and motion-sensored contemporary styles to choose from, there are plenty of ways to make the entrance to your home more appealing. Although a driveway gate will automatically improve your home’s security, adding lighting both on and around it will boost your property’s protection even more. 

Effortlessly complement both your property and your garden – whilst enhancing security – with a driveway gate. With plenty of styles to choose from, ranging from rustic to regal, you can customise yours to best suit your preferences, and compliment your light fixtures perfectly. Give us a call today for the best gate installation service.