15 Dec Manual vs automatic driveway gates

All properties can benefit from a good quality driveway gate. Not only do they increase security on your property, they can also provide extra privacy in your garden. Plus, driveway gates make an attractive addition to your property’s exterior, and can be stunningly crafted to fit any home. If choosing the right driveway gate is proving a difficult task, visit our existing blog post or read on to learn more about the differences between manual and automatic driveway gates.

Manual driveway gates

Manual driveway gates need to be operated manually, so they must be opened and closed by hand. This means they do not feature built in entry sensors or advanced gate access control, such as intercoms. While manual gates may have keypads or buttons for access, these do not work automatically and must be operated by a person. This means that drivers need to get out of their cars in order to use them, meaning many manual driveway gate owners are prone to leaving their driveway gates open. However, if you often leave your driveway on foot, then a manual driveway gate could be more practical.

Manual driveway gates can be swing or sliding. A sliding manual driveway gate is one which slides open to the sides, saving more space on your driveway. A swing manual driveway gate is one that swings open like most other gates, which takes up more space as it must swing towards or away from you in order to open. Whether you choose a sliding manual driveway gate or a swing one is a decision you should make based on how much space is available.



Automatic driveway gates

Automatic driveway gates make an impressive addition to any property, and they’re extremely practical. They allow you to enter your property without having to leave your car, which cuts down on waiting times and is much more convenient. Automatic driveway gates allow for enhanced access control to your property, whether it’s commercial or domestic. You can read more about the benefits of gate access control here. If you are looking for easy access to your property whilst still keeping out intruders, then an automatic driveway gate is a great choice.

Types of automatic driveway gate

Like with manual driveway gates, the most popular types of automatic driveway gates are swing or sliding driveway gates. However, automatic driveway gates can also function in a few different ways, due to the addition of an electric mechanism. The different types of automatic driveway gates are:



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