05 Sep 7 reasons to choose timber cladding

What is timber cladding used for?

Timber cladding can be used for both the interior and exterior of buildings to provide a beautiful finish, alongside optimising insulation. Timber is incredibly versatile and can be used for all sorts of purposes. But why should you choose timber cladding over stone or metal? We’ve put together a list of the reasons why timber cladding is a great choice for any property.

Reasons to choose timber cladding

1) It’s durable

Timber cladding is incredibly durable when properly cared for. Withstanding all weather conditions, timber is a wise choice for long lasting cladding. Although timber is able to withstand the elements, you can also use wood treatments for added protection.

Because it’s so durable, timber cladding also lasts for an incredibly long time – high-quality timber can be expected to last for at least 40 years. This means you won’t have to worry about replacing it any time soon.

2) It’s easy to install

As timber is so lightweight and flexible, it’s relatively easy to install. Timber can be easily cut down and manipulated to fit any specifications, which will save you time and money on installation. A dry installation also means that installing your timber cladding will be a quick and faff-free process, as no wet adhesives are required.

Repairs to timber cladding are also made simple by the flexible material. Wood is easy to repair and replace, and chips in the cladding are often not noticeable anyway. For low maintenance cladding, timber is certainly the way to go.

3) Affordability

One of the main concerns when having any building work done is the price. Fortunately, timber is a cost-effective option for beautiful cladding on any building. Wood is much cheaper than stone or steel, and the flexibility of timber will save you on labour costs due to how easy it is to work with.

4) It looks great

While cladding has many practical advantages, it also looks great once installed. Timber cladding can fit all aesthetics – from boho to industrial – and adds a unique sense of warmth to any build. Timber cladding is definitely becoming more popular , and many recent cladding trends are leaning more towards wooden textures.

5) It’s a good insulator

Wood is an effective insulator for buildings –  it’s able to regulate the temperature inside your property, as well as protecting against noise pollution. In doing this, you’ll save money on energy bills, and you will be much less reliant on heating or air conditioning. This also promotes more environmentally friendly energy use, which is always a plus.

6) It’s a sustainable option

Timber is an ideal material for those who are environmentally conscious or are looking to choose sustainable options in their projects. Wood is a naturally renewable resource, and is also completely biodegradable and recyclable. This means that the process of sourcing timber cladding can essentially be made carbon neutral. Much better than steel!

7) It’s dynamic

Timber cladding is incredibly versatile in both its practical application and its aesthetic value. Whether you’re using cladding on the inside or outside of your building, timber is easily installed, and it will look amazing, too.. Any leftover materials can then be repurposed for extra beams and support. 

No matter what your aesthetic preferences are, you’ll be able to find the perfect material for your build. Variations in colour, patterns and texture are all things to consider, and timber provides flexibility and choice over your cladding. Plus, if you fancy a change from your initial cladding, it’s simple and cheap to repaint or varnish the timber for a brand new look. You could also use the same timber for your wooden gate to create a cohesive look from the outside of your property.

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