03 Jun Six garden decoration ideas

We’re all spending more time in the garden as summer rolls around, but is yours starting to look a bit featureless? A bit on the bland side? Then it’s probably time for a garden makeover. And it doesn’t have to be a massive DIY project either. You may just want to spruce things up with some quirky decorations and features. We’ve handpicked our favourite garden decoration ideas for some inspiration. 

1. Go cosy

Garden floor cushion

Why not bring the indoors out? A great garden trend is to have cosy spots and corners in the garden for those restful weekends and evenings. Utilise cushioned benches and seats to incorporate a hygge vibe outside. People are even adding rugs to their patios and decking for a much cosier feel. Whether the weather’s cool and dry, or warm and sunny, you can feel so comfortable and chilled whilst getting some much-needed Vitamin D.

2. Bring in the wildlife

Make your garden the perfect resting spot for the birds, hedgehogs, insects and bee-loved bees – do you see what we did there?. You can get beautifully crafted insect and bee houses to attract butterflies, ladybirds, and a host of other crawlies to give them a safe little spot to nest. 

Insect and bee house

If you have little gaps or ways in for hedgehogs, and often find them visiting, you could get a hedgehog hutch or hotel or house – whatever you want to call it. Are you a keen bird watcher? There are some amazing bird feeders and bird baths that help attract the birds whilst elevating your garden decor.

3. Brighten it up

Whether it’s the trees, plants, fences, patios, flower beds, or paths, there are so many places in the garden that you can light up. For trees and fences, you can drape fairy lights to add a whimsical feel. For flower beds and garden paths, you can illuminate them with in-ground torches and lanterns to create a relaxing ambience when the sun sets. Solar lights are also a fantastic idea; let them charge up by simply resting in the garden, catching the rays, to then light up the night and brighten up your decking and patio areas. You can go for colour, or keep it simple with a white or amber hues. 

Colour change solar lights

4. Go potty for plants

Especially if your garden is lacking in greenery or flower beds, pots and planters are a perfect way to renovate your gardens. There are so many lovely styles, too. From lattice and ladder planters to stone and wooden ones, there’s something to match every garden’s aesthetic. You can even get hanging pots and planters to dress up your walls and fences.

Ladder planter

5. Water features

Turn your garden into a wondrous place with some fairytale-esque water features. Listen to a cascading waterfall or faintly drift off to the trickles of a fountain. You can add bird baths, wells or slate water features to decorate your resting spot. Many of these also come with LED lights to brighten them up, so you can see all the details in their glory even as the sun goes down.

Polystone fountain with LED light

6. Garden gate decor

Are your gates looking a bit bare? Get the paint pots and brushes out for some fun designs. Or, maybe you could stencil out some pictures to spray paint. If you don’t fancy picking up the paint brush, there’s also sticker decorations you can get to bring them to life. If you have posts, pillars and gaps in your driveway gates, you can wrap lights or plant vines around them to really elevate your home and create street envy. 

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