20 May The six worst places to hide your valuables

Hiding your valuables can seem like an easy task to begin with, but that’s before you realise thieves probably know all of your secret spots. Out of sight, out of mind doesn’t really work when it comes to concealing precious items, as a closed drawer won’t prevent a robber stealing your stuff. So, get imaginative and, most importantly, avoid the worst places to hide your valuables. 

1. Drawers

The most common place for people to hide their valuables is in their clothes drawers, but burglars are more than likely going to be emptying out your drawers when they break into your house. If you’re wanting to hide your valuables in a drawer, consider adding a false bottom and storing them underneath. 

2. Wardrobe

Much like hiding valuables in clothing drawers, the wardrobe might not be the best idea either. It would take an intruder no time at all to rifle through your clothes, and even less time to find objects concealed inside. Whether you’re hiding jewellery or money, keeping it inside a closet is not the safest place. 

3. Under the bed

One of the easiest places to hide valuables is under the bed; it’s convenient and it’s out of sight, so it must be a good spot, right? Wrong. Burglars are likely to make a bee line for under the bed once they enter your bedroom, and they will most likely go through any boxes under there too. So, if you have any valuables hidden under your bed, you should probably find a new spot.

4. In an unhidden safe

A safe is the perfect place to store valuables, but don’t forget to hide the safe as well. Keeping a safe in plain sight counteracts its whole point, and if the safe is moveable, it’s likely that a thief will just take the whole thing with them. Finding a secret spot for your safe will provide extra protection to anything sentimental or with high value.  

5. Fridge or freezer

Apparently a lot of people hide their valuables in the fridge or freezer, but this won’t necessarily keep your items safe. Most thieves will check places in the kitchen, and they might even check the oven. However, if you’re willing to shove your prized possessions in the veg drawer, or next to the yoghurts, then invest in some well sealed boxes or packets. This will not only protect your items, but it’ll make them blend in a lot better.

Areas that can damage your items

Finding a safe place to store valuables might have you stuffing your jewellery into all sorts of nooks and crannies, but are these spots damaging your items? You might opt for the good old ‘hide in the toilet tank’ trick, but if your items aren’t properly packaged, someone stealing it might be the least of your worries. The same goes for fridges and freezers, so get yourself some sealable packaging and hide away.  

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