16 Jun 10 ways to improve your garden

Have you been dreaming of the perfect garden? Complete with thriving, colourful plants and a well-kept lawn? Improving your garden is not as hard as you might think, but it won’t happen overnight and that’s why patience is key. Set some time aside to plan how you want your garden to look – you might even want to create a vision board of inspirational garden pics. Give your garden a boost that’ll make your neighbours jealous. 

When it comes to garden improvement, start off small before you make your way to installing big items like water features or fire pits. It also depends on how much space you have to work with, and your budget. 

Having a smaller garden won’t put you at a disadvantage, but you will need to have a more definite plan of how to utilise your space in order to reach full garden potential. Either way, there are multiple ways to improve your home garden. 

Picking plants

Plants are the essence of every great garden, and ensuring they are all regularly watered and deadheaded is the best way to keep your plants in tip-top shape. Move out of your comfort zone and switch up your plants, adding a variety of colour, fragrance and species to your garden. However, try not to overcrowd your plants – less is more. 

Planting for wildlife is a great way to improve your garden health and is environmentally friendly as well. A garden relies on wildlife to pollinate flowers – without it your plants will struggle to flourish and bloom. Not to mention plantlife is the natural habitat for most insects and other creatures, so ensuring that they have a happy home is just as important. 

Remember, don’t be sentimental – get rid of plants that are dying, or donate the ones that don’t fit your aesthetic. Plants are the key to your garden improvement plan so this is super important. 

Mini veg garden

We all love home grown veg, and there’s no better feeling than serving up a meal full of your own produce. It tastes good and it saves a hell of a lot of money. So, when you’re considering how to improve your garden, why not include a mini veg garden? 

As it says in the name, your veg garden doesn’t have to take up massive amounts of space. As long as there’s a good amount of light, and they aren’t overcrowded, you’re sure to produce some tasty vegetables. The same method also works with fruit, so why not give it a go?


An essential part of garden maintenance is keeping the weeds at bay. Start by removing the weeds you currently have, and then you can move onto some preventative measures. Using weed killer is effective, but it might harm your other plants, so home remedies are always a great natural option. For example, mixing vinegar, salt and soap together. 

Once you’ve got rid of those pesky weeds, consider investing in mulch to keep them away for good. Mulch can come in many forms, and anything that can block light from reaching the surface of the soil can be used. For example, wood chippings, biodegradable fabric or even newspaper. When picking a type of mulch, think about how it will fit in with your overall garden vision and if it’ll look nice.

Make a planting table

For gardens with a bit more space, planting tables are a fabulous way to show off a few selected plants or to keep plant pots off the floor, saving space and preventing any damage. Use an old wooden table, or any that matches your garden aesthetic, collect a wide variety of plants and arrange them on top of the table.If you’re feeling bold, pick a bright coloured table and some wacky plant pots to really get your garden going. 

Reduce lawn size

At first, you might be reluctant to reduce the size of your lawn, but when you realise how much more space you have to work with, it’ll all be worth it. Not to mention your time spent mowing will be cut down – a win-win really. The space that you were previously using for your lawn can now be occupied with large plant pots or outdoor furniture. Replacing your missing lawn with some tiles is another great way to improve your garden. Tiles can add a breath of fresh air to your garden and a pop of colour.

Outdoor lighting

Being able to see your beautiful garden at night is just as important as in the daytime. Hanging up solar panelled fairy lights or placing lights into your plant pots will illuminate your garden and make for a great place to relax in the evenings. This paired with a small table and chairs will create the perfect space to kick back with your friends when it’s good weather. 

Add in some extras

If you’ve got a garden that’s on the larger side, take advantage of the space and add in some exciting extras, like a water fountain, a pond or maybe even a fire pit – all of which will give you some serious bragging rights. If you’re looking for cost-effective options, adding jazzy cushions or throws to your garden furniture can be used to create the perfect comfy corner, alongside injecting some colour into your garden.   


Keeping paint fresh and topped up minimises the chance of your garden looking tired and weathered. A crisp coat of paint on a neglected wall or garden furniture can make all the difference. You might even want to opt for a bright colour to spruce up your garden, or create a feature wall complete with hanging plants. There are endless colour opportunities when it comes to garden improvement, so why not experiment to discover your dream palette? 


Make sure to replace anything that’s cracked or broken in your garden, such as tiles or flags, to improve the overall appearance. Minor cracks can be filled in easily enough with fillers, which can be found in most DIY stores. Tiles that are completely broken, however, should be replaced. Tiling can be costly, but in the long run it will improve your garden for years to come. 

Investing in some decent tiles is only half the battle, the other half is ensuring that they don’t crack once again. Cracks can be caused by weather, and to prevent this we suggest using grout and tile sealer. 

If you fancy completely altering the appearance of your garden, tiles are a great way to express creativity. Why not experiment with exotic patterned tiles or block colours to make your space the envy of the street. 


Many people have front gardens, and that means gates or fences are an essential part of your garden aesthetic. If you’re looking for a gate to blend in with your plants and wildlife, our driveway gates are the perfect way to protect your property without taking anything away from your gorgeous garden. If you’re interested in what else we have to offer, why not contact us today?