09 Sep The benefits of gate access control

What is meant by ‘access control’?

You’ve probably come across the term before, but what does ‘access control’ actually mean? And why is this safety feature becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners? Whilst adding to your ideal home aesthetic, installing a driveway gate serves the primary purpose of making you and your family feel safer. There are extra steps you can take, taking access control as an example, that further enhances security, as well as allowing for an easier entrance to your home. 

Types of access control

When it comes to access control, thankfully, you won’t be short of options. It all comes down to your preferences, and how you choose to greet your guests, not to mention clear off unwanted visitors. For some, a simple keypad may be the most efficient security method, which comes in handy when leaving your house on foot. If you’re working away from home, you can also give your passcode out to those that will need to enter whilst you’re not there, whether this be gardners, the postie or a family member. 

GSM intercoms make for a more personable experience, allowing you to have a quick chat with visitors before letting them come on in. If you also want to see who you’re speaking to, you might choose the increasingly popular video intercom. 

Entrance with ease 

Through the use of remote control fobs, passing in and out of your property has never been easier. Plus, if you’re either in a rush yourself or need to let guests back out of the gate, you won’t need to waste time unlocking it manually. Simply hit a button and watch as your gate does the magic. 


After an ease in lockdown restrictions, police forces have reported a 6.2% increase between the first and second quarters of 2021. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why two thirds of people are worried that their home will get burgled when heading back into the office. Access control systems aim to eliminate this worry, allowing people to control who is allowed in, or out, of their property when they are away from home. For those that are trusted to enter your property when you’re away, you may choose to share your passcode with them. 

More privacy

Your driveway gate’s main purpose, alongside enhancing security, is for you to feel a strong sense of privacy in your own space. Access control systems eradicate the possibility of trespassers entering your property, allowing both you and your family to spend time in the garden, inside your home or away, without stress. Plus, it also accounts for when your neighbour’s overly curious dog wants to leave you gifts on your front lawn. 

Less stress

These advanced security methods carry the benefit of heightened freedom, permitting you to work away from the home if needed. Not only this, you won’t need to reschedule deliveries, or make sure that your timetable matches up with your builder’s. 


When choosing to go automatic, you won’t need to compromise on your ideal home aesthetic. Whether you’re a fan of the traditional wooden driveway gate or the elegant steel driveway gate, there’s a design out there for everyone. 

Want to know a little more about the benefits of access control systems? Our team of friendly professionals are here to help. From initial installation to gate servicing, we can lend a helping hand to make the whole process as easy, and cost effective, as possible. Get in touch with us today!