10 Mar The best ways to treat your field gates

Why should you treat your field gate?

If you want your field gate to last for as long as possible, whilst continuing to look just as good as it did post-installation, you’ll need to stay on top of maintenance. Although it might sound boring, treating your field gate guarantees longevity, optimises aesthetics, and ensures that it can withstand harsh weather conditions. Wondering how best you can go about this? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

How to treat your field gate

Wood stain

Wood stains are great for those who want to embrace the natural grain; its thin consistency soaks into the wood with ease, providing a layer of protection against the elements. You can either preserve or completely change the colour of the timber, and this effect will last for several years before a recoat is required.

Wood paint

If you’re looking to inject some personality into your space, you might want to treat your field gate with a spray of paint. Alongside reviving the appearance of your wooden gate by preventing feathering, peeling and fading, you can have full control over your gate’s aesthetic with a wide range of shades and tones to choose from – why not get creative? 


Modern UV oil can provide protection for either softwood or hardwood field gates, used to prevent water damage and subsequent wood rot, alongside protecting against the bleaching effects of the sun. Not to mention, the wood will lose natural oils over time, so this repelling and replenishing treatment will ensure material flexibility and nourishment. Without it, this can lead to bending or warping, consequently affecting your gate’s overall appearance and ability to protect your land. We coat all of our gate design with Deks Oil D1, being a saturating wood oil that enriches and stabilises the wood, without peeling or cracking over time. 


Varnishing your wooden field gate is also used to protect against UV rays and water damage, which, just as the UV oil, should be applied as a final top coat (over paint or stains), prior to exposing your gate to the elements. In doing this, your gate is less likely to fall victim to cracking or peeling – which can severely affect its overall appearance and performance. 


This is often the preferred choice for those who have other, aged timber features on their property, and are looking for a way for their new gate to blend in seamlessly. If you choose this option, your gate will weather to a natural grey colour – ideal for the traditional, aged look. 

General cleaning

Gate maintenance isn’t a one time thing. To ensure that your field gate remains in tip-top condition, we advise keeping a constant eye out for any signs of weather damage. Alongside painting, staining and oiling, treating timber and wooden gates isn’t complete without a soapy scrub every now and then, rather than using any harsh chemicals. If you’re noticing that your field gate is caked in grime – which is likely to happen over time – use your damp cloth to rinse off dirt and debris. 

From field gates to driveway gates, we have a wide variety of designs available for you to take your pick from. If you’re keen to chat to a gate installation expert you can trust, why not give us a call today to discover your dream design?