25 Aug Where to hide valuables in your apartment

Keeping your valuables tucked away is important all year round, and is especially vital if you’re going on holiday. We’ve put together a list of a few clever spots to conceal your valuables from unwanted attention.

1. Cereal boxes or dry food packets 

A close up of a corn flakes cereal box

When a burglar enters your home, it’s unlikely they will have time to look through every box in your cupboard. That’s why concealing jewellery or money inside a cereal box is a great idea. It is also a safe, dry place to store valuables, meaning that no harm will come to them. We recommend wrapping your items before placing them inside of a dry food box to make sure they are completely secure.

2. False drawer bottoms 

A white chest of drawers with plants on top

Stuffing valuables into the back of a drawer or under clothes is the oldest trick in the book, but it’ll take more than that to fool burglars these days. Installing a false bottom into one or all of your drawers is the perfect way to hide items. Robbers are unlikely to check every single drawer for a false bottom, and they might not even consider checking for one. Another option is to tape your valuables to the back of the drawer –  just make sure that you’ve packaged your precious item before taping it to avoid damage. 

3. Toy box 

A kids playroom with bay windows

Strangely, toy boxes are another great hiding spot. Burglars are not going to stop to route through your child’s whole toy box, so tucking your valuables underneath bears and dolls is ideal. Again, ensure that your item is well-packaged and that it doesn’t slowly make its way to the top of the toy box after a play session.

4. Locked safe 

A close up of a safe pin pad

Safes are the usual place people hide valuable items, but you’d be surprised how many people hide their actual safes too. If your safe is out in the open, and it isn’t properly secured to the floor, then you can say goodbye to your safe and its contents. Keep your safe hidden, maybe in a wardrobe or a cupboard, and make sure that an unauthorised person can’t just pick it up and take it with them.

5. Inside plant pots 

A few plant pots on top of a table

Packaging your valuables and hiding them inside a plant pot is an amazing spot. Buried under a layer of soil, your items are sure to be safe from thieves. Just make sure that they’re in a waterproof container so they don’t get soaked when you water your plants. 

6. Under kitchen cabinets 

A modern kitchen with white cupboards and black accessories

Underneath your kitchen cupboards there is a relatively large space, and this is the perfect spot to hide valuables. If the slats underneath your kitchen doors are removables, we suggest slipping some valuables behind them. Just make sure it doesn’t look like they have been removed, as a burglar is then more likely to have a look behind. 

Where not to hide valuables 

When it comes to hiding valuables, pick places that are memorable – no one wants to come to the realisation that they’ve forgotten where their valuables are. Also, choose places that are safe for your valuables to be hidden in, for example, your toilet’s water tank is a common spot, but also a potentially dangerous one. Water damage can affect your items, so be careful where you stash that cash. We also suggest staying away from obvious spots like in between clothes or inside wardrobes, as robbers will look in these places first.

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