12 Jan Why choose aluminium gates

What is it about aluminium that makes it such a popular material for driveway gates? Well, weighing one-third less than steel yet still being impressively strong is probably one reason. Along with its versatile nature, aluminium makes an ideal material for many driveways because of the range of beneficial properties it has. Let’s go through them.

How weather-resistant are aluminium gates?

Aluminium gates are extremely weather-resistant and don’t corrode, rust or weather when they’re exposed to the elements, which is great news for the British with the unpredictable weather. So no matter the storm or the harshest weather conditions, aluminium gates are built to withstand. 

Stylish and versatile gates

They may be robust and built for security, but aluminium gates can also offer elegant and stylish designs. They don’t just have to come in blacks or greys either. Being a lightweight material, this means that aluminium can also benefit from more intricate and artistic designs. Its versatility also extends to aesthetics, as you can choose from a range of finishing options like matte, gloss, textured or smooth. Whatever your style or home decor, aluminium gates can easily work with it.  

Best of both worlds with a wooden effect

What’s clever about aluminium gates is that you can get the best of both worlds by having a textured wooden effect applied. So, if your exterior or architectural style favours something more traditional, aluminium gates can match whilst offering substantially more strength and weather resistance. 

Swing or sliding options

The versatility of aluminium gates continues with options for both swing or sliding-gate styles, so you can decide which one would suit your home best.

Why might a sliding gate be the best options?

Why go for a swing gate?

Low maintenance

With aluminium gates, you’ll never need to worry about constant upkeep. Unlike with wood or wrought iron materials, you don’t need to restain or repaint them because of high-quality coatings – where the paint has fused to the metal surface during the manufacturing process. All you need is a simple damp cloth to wipe aluminium gates down every now and then – no special cleaning products are needed. 

Strong and lightweight

Aluminium provides robust and secure protection even whilst being one-third lighter than steel. It’s no wonder the material is popularly used by NASA, the military, the construction industry and vehicle industry. Even some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers use aluminium because of its ability to withstand some of the harshest conditions.   

Incredibly cost-effective

The price of aluminium gates are not too dissimilar to wooden gates but the longevity of them certainly is. Because aluminium lasts so much longer, you’ll save money in the long run. They’re also super strong and reliable, so they make a perfectly cost-effective solution for gate security.

Maybe you need some aluminium security gates? If you’d like to learn more about them and how they could add to your property or driveway, contact The Expert Gate Company today.