30 Mar Why is gate automation a smart idea?

Why is gate automation a smart idea?

We’re all after shortcuts and time-saving operations, and that’s just the aim with gate automation. Sure, having a fancy new driveway gate may please yours and your neighbours’ eyes, but is it totally professional, secure and easy to operate? Let’s look into why gate automation is a smart idea for your property and daily life.

What exactly is gate automation?

To save time with having to leave your vehicle every time you want to enter your property, gate automation is the answer. You can use remote control from the comfort of your vehicle to open your gates. It works by the transmitter (remote control) sending a signal to the receiver in the gate to follow the instruction to open or close. It’s the built-in motor that moves the gate following the certain command.

How safe is gate automation?

Well, when it comes to gate safety and automation, all electric gates have to comply with the current legislative British Standard EN 12453. That means safety devices must be installed, as well as gates having to undergo a series of force tests to ensure safe operation. If a gate detects any resistance or object in its line of closure, it will stop moving immediately to prevent any accidents or damage. 

With The Expert Gate Company, before any gate is installed, trained experts will first carry out a full risk assessment on a property to make sure the gate can be fully compliant with current regulations. Want to know more about what we would do? Contact us here or call us on 0161 7977370.

Can be linked to gate access control

When driveway gates combine gate automation with gate access control, you get robust and top-rated home and driveway security. Gate access control is exactly how it sounds. Using advanced technology, intercoms and surveillance, you can monitor who is calling and who to allow onto your property. You can choose from:

Great for bigger households

If you have a larger household, especially with multiple drivers and a collection of cars on the driveway, gate automation is a winner. Your family will thank you hugely for it, since you all can conveniently rely on staying in your vehicles to open the gates without having to manually open them each and every single time you leave and enter your driveways. If you have kids in the car, especially younger ones (we all know how anxious parents can be), you also won’t need to worry about leaving them for longer than you need to,

Easy to control and operate

Automated gates are incredibly easy to control and operate. Once a property has been fully assessed for any risks to see whether an automated gate can be installed safely to comply with regulations, gate installation experts are dedicated to ensuring a safe and secure installation. Once completed, there will be a handover procedure to follow. Professional engineers or installers will show you how the gate will function and how to operate it safely. It’s never a quick job, and you can rest assured engineers will make sure you understand the operation of your shiny new gate fully.  

Thinking of updating your driveway and home security? Speak to the professionals, here at The Expert Gate Company, to discuss your options and for any more information on gate automation.